Police officer #MeToo case: ASP confessed his mistake, woman constable forgives


ASP Parikshit Kumar, stranded at the charge of sexual harassment of the woman constable, admitted that he was at fault. Due to the apology of ASP, the woman constable has given a written notice of not taking action against him.
However, the inquiry committee in its report has recommended a proper action against ASP for his misconduct. After the crackdown on the whole episode on Monday, the inquiry committee has submitted its report to SSP Janmajay Prabhakar Khanduri.
A woman constable posted in Haridwar area had filed a complaint against the ASP on December 29 to the then SSP Riddim Agrawal. The woman constable had complained in writing that ASP Parikh Kumar (then CO City) had called her on the highway from her house in Bhuptawala area on December 28. After that, she was abused in the government vehicle.
Taking the complaint seriously, the SSP had constituted a probe committee under the leadership of SP City Mamta Vohra. The committee also recorded statements of the woman constable and the accused ASP Parikh Kumar.
Before the committee could reach any conclusions, on Sunday, the victim had put forward the matter before the investigation committee in writing. She gave in writing that if the ASP Parikshit Kumar accepts his mistake and asks for an apology from her, then she will not take any action.

When the written statement of the woman constable came to light, ASP Parikh Kumar was presented before the inquiry committee. As he apologized in writing, he did not want to repeat such a recurrence in the future, make no pressure on the victim and not contact her.
Satisfied with the written statement of ASP, the victim gave the matter to the inquiry committee and agreed not to take action in this regard.

The inquiry committee has recommended proper action against ASP for the wrongful conduct. SSP Janmajaya Prabhakar Khanduri has confirmed of the inquiry report.


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