Police loot case: The matter is raised once again, a letter written to the CBI to conduct an investigation

The case of robbery of the IG from the government vehicle has again been heated. BJP leader Ravindra Jugran has written a letter to the governor asking for the CBI to supervise the investigation of the entire case. Allegations are that attempts are being made to cover the robbery of policemen. It is imperative to question the silence of top officials and the government.

BJP leader Ravindra Jugran has written in the letter that during the Lok Sabha elections, on April 4 night, the Inspector General of Police, riding on the government vehicle, and three police personnel looted the note-packed bag from the property dealer Anurodh Panwar. The victim was robbed by showing fear of the code of conduct. After confirmation from the CCTV footage of the charges imposed by Panwar, a lawsuit was filed in the Dalanwala Kotwali on 10th April. Even before the police could take action, the investigations were made dramatically before the STF was handed over. The accused got an opportunity to defend. The STF sent them to jail, but neither one rupee nor the bag could be recovered.

The BJP leader raised the question that if nothing was found on the remand then why the accused did not get the lie-detect test. When Congress leader Anupam Sharma had called Anurodh, surely there would be a talk about the money. In this serious case, neither the government nor the top officers have shown any interest after coming forward. The government should have recommended the CBI probe from its level. Jugran said that this crime has been done by IG’s car and police personnel, in such a situation, the truth of the whole matter should come out in the public interest. Read more posts…

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