Police loot case: Sanjay Manohar, a policeman got bail from the session court

After the Congress leader Anupam Sharma in the IG car robbery case, the accused policeman Manoj Kumar got bail from the session court today. Earlier, Anupam Sharma has been granted bail by a court of Dehradun District Judge. This case came to light on the last 4 April 2019. In the case, two policemen, including nominated Dinesh Negi, are still in jail. All the accused of the robbery are lodged in jail since April 16.

On April 10, a lawsuit was registered in the Dalanwala Kotwali, under abduction, robbery, misuse of a government post and other sections. Later the investigation was handed over to the STF. The STF had arrested three policemen including Anupam Sharma on April 16. On April 20, the police had sealed the IG car.

What was the case about?
Election surveillance team as LIU officer Dinesh Negi, the constable Manoj officer, and Himanshu Upadhyay are charged with looting property dealer Anurodh Panwar with a bag full of rupees at night Rajpur Road 4 April. At the night of the incident, the Congress leader Anupam Sharma, who was accused in the case, called the victim at WIC Club at Rajpur Road. From there he came out of the car with a bag and then drove him into the government vehicle of Ajay Rautela near Madhuban hotel, and both the soldiers stopped him. Read more posts…

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