Poisonous liquor scandal: BJP cancels Ghonchu’s primary membership involved in illegal liquor smuggling

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BJP Karanpur division vice president Ajay Sonkar alias Ghonchu and Raja Negi could not be ascertained
Despair and silence spread in the Patharia Pir area

In view of the stern stance of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, today BJP has canceled the primary membership of Ajay Sonkar alias Ghonchu, who is involved in illegal liquor smuggling. Following the orders of State President Ajay Bhatt, this action has been taken by Metropolitan President Vinay Goyal.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, who returned from Mumbai, summoned the officials of Home, Excise and Police Department in the case of poisonous liquor incident in Patharia Pir on Sunday night. He went into detail about the incident and the action taken after it. He made it clear that if anyone comes to the protection, it will not be tolerated at all. Also, in order to curb illegal liquor, the proposal for amendment in the Excise Act should be prepared.

The Chief Minister directed that the main accused should be arrested as soon as possible. The man, whether on earth, in the sky or in the underworld, must be caught. He expressed his displeasure at the fact that so much is going on in the middle of the city and our agencies do not even know how this can happen. He said that every aspect should be closely examined in depth and strict action should be taken against anyone found guilty.

At the same time, the Chief Minister instructed to carry out a campaign to raid against illegal liquor in the entire state and said that the people who are complicit in it should be caught and strict action should be taken. He said that if any amendment in the Excise Act is required to further strengthen the action against the elements involved in the illegal liquor business, then its proposal should be prepared. He said that cooperation of common people should also be taken to stop illegal liquor and drug trade.

Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh, DG Law and Order, Ashok Kumar, Principal Secretary Anandvardhan, Secretary Nitesh Jha, IG Garhwal Range Ajay Rautela, Excise Commissioner Sushil Kumar, DM Dehradun, C. Ravi Shankar, and SSP Arun Mohan Joshi were present in the meeting.

Police raided
Police also conducted raids on Sunday to arrest other accused related to the poisonous liquor scandal. Police are also working to arrest the BJP leader involved in the smuggling of alcohol. Meanwhile, the process of taking people’s statements to expose the entire case also went on.

Police and Excise Department have been in a quandary since the death of six people on Friday due to the consumption of poisonous liquor in the Patharia Pir area. While there is an atmosphere of mourning and silence in the affected area. Whenever a leader or police come to the colony, people are raising complaints. Everyone has only one complaint that despite knowing everything why the government system could not stop the smuggling of illegal liquor. At the same time, the police force was stationed in Patharia Pir on Sunday. Police are collecting information from people about liquor bases.

Meanwhile, the police raided their possible targets for the arrest of Ajay Sonkar alias Ghonchu and Raja Negi, vice-president of the BJP Karanpur division, who were involved in illegal liquor smuggling in the area. Both are absconded from home. The police are constantly investigating various aspects related to the case. SSP Arun Mohan Joshi is himself monitoring the case. SP countryside Parmendra Dobhal, who is investigating the case, said that people’s statements are being taken.

Elderly death, post mortem not done
Gurudin (65), son of Patharia Pir Neshvilla Road resident, Rama Deva was admitted to AIIMS in Rishikesh. Where he died during treatment. On suspicion of death due to drinking alcohol, the police asked for post-mortem, then the family refused. Family members say that Gurudin had not drunk alcohol for eight days. He died due to illness. In this regard, the police say that the daily death of someone in the area raises suspicion, so Gurudin was asked to do a post-mortem but the family refused.

Four more shops report normal sampling of liquor
Samples taken from four liquor shops have not found adulteration. After the Patharia Pir incident so far, the investigation report of five shops and three samples of distilleries has come back to normal. District Excise Officer Manoj Upadhyay said that on Sunday, reports of samples of domestic liquor shops of Karanpur, Ballupur, Kavali Road and Dharampur were normal. He said that reports of 29 samples are yet to come. On Sunday, he held this report in a meeting with police officers.

Here, on Sunday, all 27 contracts of indigenous liquor in the district remained closed. In such a situation, there is a lot of anger among the contractors about this decision. Both the department and the contractor are losing revenue due to the closure of contracts. So far there has been no discussion in the department or headquarters regarding the opening of contracts. In this case, one Excise inspector, two constables, two head constables, and three soldiers have been suspended.

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