Poisonous illegal liquor scandal: Who were the refugees of the perpetrators of death?

illegal liquor

In the middle of the city, the police-administration was sitting blindly for many years on the black business of raw and illegal liquor which has been flourishing for years. Police, administration, and excise were all aware of this black liquor business in Indra Colony including Patharia Pir, Chukkhuwala. People also made complaints about the illegal liquor being sold near the house of the Mayor and the Regional MLA, and also on various forums from the Police Captain’s Office, but the ‘nexus’ of the smugglers and the government machinery did not break. Probably all the ‘accountants’ were waiting for death. Earlier, six people died while drinking poisonous liquor in Dehradun, while three are ill. They are undergoing treatment. All three sick people were admitted to Rishikesh AIIMS late at night.

Police and Excise Department are the most responsible in the case. Reliable sources said that an official of the Excise Department has also made several complaints and pressurized the action regarding the sale of illicit liquor in the area, but the department did not take any action. The same situation was also with the police. The complaints of the regional people were not taken seriously by the police. This negligence of police left six families devastated. If the top officials were alert in time, then these alcohol-related deaths could have been prevented in areas like Patharia Pir, which is in the middle of the city.

During the uproar, regional people alleged that two police constables used to come on a Pulsar bike and used to make money from the liquor vendors. A minor fully exposed this nexus between the police and liquor smugglers. According to the child, the liquor smugglers wanted to trap the children of the area for the delivery of liquor and offered them money. This was also told to the police but the policemen who came on the bike daily did not listen to them. After taking money from the smugglers, the policemen used to go out in awe at the regional people.

The case reached the Chief Minister department, yet this situation

The excise ministry itself is held by Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat. Despite this, three major causes of death due to poisonous liquor have been reported in Roorkee, Tehri, and Dehradun in one year. In February, 147 people died due to poisonous liquor in Roorkee and its adjoining areas and two people died in Tehri in March. Their investigation was in cold storage that now six people have died in Dehradun and three are battling to the death. Every time claims of the high-level investigation were made, but the result was the only cipher. In Roorkee, the officers who were suspended based on the investigation were also reinstated a few days later and the same happened in Tehri. Now claims of magistrate investigation and action are being made on the case in Doon, but it is difficult to say from past experiences that any concrete action will be taken on the responsibilities.

Smoldering questions

In whose direction was the illegal business running in the capital
Why did the police not take action despite the complaint
Why the Excise Department never took cognizance of these matters
After the Patharia Pir scandal, the Excise Department closed liquor shops, but why not seal it
Did the Excise Department give exemption to remove fake goods from shops
Why do small smugglers take action in case of illegal liquor
Why Punjab and Himachal’s liquor excise and police are not being smuggled
Why are the police soft on openly roaming liquor smugglers

Ganesh Joshi (Mussoorie MLA) said, “I was informed of three deaths by regional people on Thursday night. On Friday morning, I went to the funeral of these three and also got financial help. I was told that death was due to dengue. After this, I moved to Mussoorie. In the afternoon, I again got a call that three more people have died and death has been caused by poisonous alcohol. I immediately returned and inquired about the case. I had asked the SSP for action about a month ago on complaints of sale of poisonous and illegal liquor in the area. I was also skeptical about the role of Section Outpost Police in the case, so I requested to put the higher officer in the investigation. The SSP handed over the investigation to the CO and they came many times. Meanwhile, this incident happened. Strict action will be taken against the culprits. Also, four officers of the Police and Excise Department have been suspended.”

C. Ravi Shankar (District Magistrate) says that a magisterial inquiry has been set up in the incident. Based on the investigation report, strict action will be taken against the culprits. Police have registered a case against the unknown. No culprit will be spared.


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