PM Narendra Modi is a millionaire, Rs 22 lakhs increase in property in a year, did not take any loan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a millionaire in terms of assets. Though 15 years of being Chief Minister of Gujarat and being PM of the country for five years, his movable and immovable property is more than just two crore rupees. According to the affidavit given after filing nomination on Varanasi on Friday, the value of PM Modi’s assets in the last one year has increased only 22 lakh 85 thousand 621 rupees.

At present, total assets
According to an affidavit filed on Friday, the total assets of PM Modi amounted to two crores 51 lakh 36 thousand 119 rupees. If you talk about movable assets, then PM has 38750 cash in hand. In the Gandhi Nagar branch of the State Bank of India, there are only four thousand 143 rupees. Apart from this, the FDR of 1 crore 27 lakh 81 thousand and 574 rupees.

Property on 31st March 2108
Narendra Modi gave information about his total assets in September. This information was uploaded on the PMO website. According to the information uploaded on the website, PM Modi’s total movable assets by March 31, 2018, was Rs. 1 crore 28 lakh 50 thousand 498. At the same time, real estate was also close to one crore rupees. There was the cash of Rs 48,994 in real estate. There were 11 lakh 29 thousand 690 rupees in the Gandhinagar branch of State Bank of India. In Modi’s name, there is also an FD Rs. 1,7,96,288.

20 thousand bonds
Modi has invested Rs 20,000 in L & T Infra Bonds. Apart from this, seven lakh 61 thousand 466 in NSC and one lakh 90 thousand 347 in life insurance policy has been deposited. Modi does not have any kind of vehicle.

45gm gold ring
Modi has four gold rings, weighing 45 grams. Its total price is Rs.1,13,800. At the same time, PM Modi has deposited TDS for an estimated income of Rs 85,145. Apart from this, the PMO has deposited Rs 1,40,895.

Real estate of one crore
PM Modi has only fixed assets of Rs 1 crore. Modi purchased a property for Rs. 1,30,488 on October 25, 2002. He had spent Rs 2,47,208 on this. At present, the price of this property is 10 million rupees in terms of market value. There is no loan of any kind on Modi.

1 million rupees annually
The annual income of Modi’s fiscal year 2017-18 was 19 lakh 92 thousand 520 rupees. At the same time in 2016-17, it is 14 lakh 59 thousand 750 rupees. However, in this affidavit, he has not provided information about the income and assets of his Jashodaben.

Studied up to M.A.
Modi has done M.A. in Gujarat from the University of Gujarat in 1983. At the same time BA in 1978 from Delhi University and 12th pass from SSC Board in 1967, Gujarat. Read more posts…

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