Plenty of dead fires, hundreds of people died by drinking “sweet poison”

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The death of many people by drinking raw and poisonous liquor in several villages of Bhagwanpur and Jhabreda area has once again pulled the attention of the administration toward the raw liquor trade in the Pathri and Shyampur area. The area ranging from Pathri to the borderline Khanpur is such a huge hub of raw liquor, where thousands of people every day produce raw liquor in the forests and serve deadly drugs to people.

People believe that in the last decade, hundreds of people have been killed by drinking raw liquor. More than those who died instantly, the number of those who die slowly of sweet poison is more. Despite heavy opposition from the people, the police and the excise department have failed to break the mechanism of the liquor mafia.

The dark business of raw liquor is being run extensively in the forests of many villages, such as village Sahadevpur, Dinarpur, Tikola, Athal, Bhoyapur Chamraval, Dhariwala, Ranimajra, Bishanpur Kundi, and Old Kundi etc. of Pathri Police area.

Holi, Diwali and during elections, this business unexpectedly increases. According to sources, the supply of alcohol mixed with the juice of fruits, sugarcane juice and vegetables etc. in the adjoining areas as well as chemical substances are supplied in the districts of Laksar, Khanpur, Roorkee, Bijnaur and Muzaffarnagar etc. in the district.

A large number of people including women to children are associated with this business. People complain that this business is growing due to political and administrative conservation. People are not talking openly about the death due to alcohol, but sources say that in the last decade only hundreds of villages in the Pathri, Laksar and Khanpur areas of the village have been killed due to drinking of raw alcohol.

According to sources in the district excise department, from Khanpur, Laksar and Pathri police stations of Haridwar district where raw liquor is smuggled in UP, raw liquor is also supplied to the areas of UP’s Purkaji and Bijnaur.

District Excise Officer Prashant Kumar told that a large consignment of raw liquor to be supplied from UP to Haridwar has been caught on the border of Haridwar several times. Special operations are also conducted from time to time about this. Looking at Holi, the special fortnight of 15 days is going to start soon. Under this, action will be taken against illegal smugglers and liquor makers. Read more posts…


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