Phone service stopped in RTO, apply online now


Prior to any work, the service of booking a pre-application by making a call at the RTO office has been terminated within five days on Friday. Now from Monday under the new system, the applicant will have to be applied online. The prescribed means related to the vehicle and driving license will be applied through this medium.

The RTO office, which had been closed to the public since March 22 in the Corona transition, was reopened for public functions on June 22, three months later. Under the new rules, the number of applications for work in a day was fixed. 20 people could apply to the phone number for each task in a day. The number (0135-2743432), however, was initially closed on the first day on Monday. This number could be called from 11 am to 2 pm, but people complained that the number did not connect. However, RTO Dinesh Chandra Pathoi claims that in the last three days, applications of 72, 50, and 72 people, respectively, were booked via phone. But, after this service was questioned, they have decided to discontinue the system of prior application on the phone number. On a phone number, 20 applications were being approved on a first-come-first-served basis for every task in a day, but anyone can apply at any time in the online system. The applicant will also get the date of coming to his office at the time of application. After this, the applicant will have to reach the RTO for work between 11 am and 2 pm on the due date. After three days, his certificates will be issued between 3 pm and 5 pm.

Online application for these works

Driving license: renewal of an old license, change of name-address, issue of a duplicate license. Applications of new learning license and permanent license will not be accepted.
Vehicle fitness: The application for fitness of vehicles will be online and the work of fitness will be on the Asharodi check post.

New Vehicle Registration: This registration is already being done at the dealer point and will continue under the same.
Permit: All applications related to permits issued from Doon RTO.
Enforcement: Disposal of challans made by enforcement officers.
Tax: Tax-related work of all previously registered vehicles.
Others: If separate applications are made through transport unions or organizations, these people are allowed to come to the office under the physical distance rules. These will also include applications for the surrender of vehicles.
(Note: For all the above works, 20-20 applications in a day, which is total work of 100 people only.)

Complaint reached the government

The complaint of not getting a call on the phone number (0135-2743432) had reached the government as well. It was told that along with the Transport Minister, this complaint from the Transport Secretary also reached the Chief Minister. On which the government got into action and ordered to start the online application service by shutting down the system of instant phone numbers.

The application will have to be done at this link

Now the applicant has to apply on this link After clicking on the link, the applicant will have to enter his name, mobile number, and identity card number. Then a one-time password i.e. OTP will come on his mobile. After registering this OTP, the applicant will get the date of his work. After taking print out of it, he will get admission to the office on the due date.


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