Petrol-diesel crisis on the Chardham yatra route, pilgrims suffer wandering

Petrol-diesel crisis on the Chardham yatra

The crisis of petrol in Chamba, Lambgaon, Ghansali, Pipaldali, Bhagirathipuram and New Tehri on the Chardham yatra route in Tehri district of Uttarakhand has gone deeper. Due to the disruption of Rishikesh-Gangotri highway in Kumarkheda of Narendranagar, petrol and diesel have not been supplied in most areas of Tehri district for two days.

The local people have to suffer due to this along with pilgrims. Even after wandering for long, people have to return empty-handed from the petrol pumps. Near the Rishikesh-Gangotri highway, Narendranagar Kumarkheda was interrupted for traffic on the last day.

Due to this, the supply of essential commodities such as petrol, diesel, and cooking gas was not available on Thursday for the second day in the district. Chamba, Lambgaon, Ghansali, Pipaldali are the main routes to Chardham Yatra.

District Fulfillment Officer Mukesh says that tankers of petrol-diesel are not available due to a road closure in Narendranagar, Kumarakheda. There are six tankers standing there since Wednesday morning. A petrol tanker from Kumarkheda has been dispatched to Ghansali through Devprayag Maletha. When the route opens, other tankers will reach the petrol pumps.


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