People who commit illegal boring of millions of liters of water will be fined


Penalty for illegal boring to be imposed from SDM level after assessment of Jal Sansthan
Illegal boring has been done in many government institutions and business establishments

People who dump millions of liters of water after illegal boring will also have to pay heavy fines. This penalty will be imposed through the Deputy District Magistrate Court after the report from the Jal Sansthan. The trial is in the final stages in about 22 lawsuits, with a verdict to be delivered a few days later.

Significantly, the Water Institute had submitted a report to the administration in the matter of illegal groundwater exploitation recently. The report, which came in three stages, had more than 110 business and government houses or offices that were boring without submissions. In all these cases, notices were issued to them from the concerned Sub-Divisional Offices, on the basis of their response, the court is hearing.

Now it is the turn to impose fines on those responsible. The administration has also prepared a report on the penalty from the Jal Sansthan. According to officials, they are to be fined along with the bill according to the rates of commercial use. Sub Divisional Officer Sadar Gopal Ram Binwal said that the hearing in about 22 such cases is almost in the final stages. A verdict can be given soon.

Drinking water crisis due to illegal boring

During the summer season, the drinking water crisis arises in Dehradun and its surrounding areas. The main reason for this is the illegal tapping of groundwater. Where there is no supply of Jal Sansthan, people have made boring, but even in such places where boring is being done illegally. In such a situation, a committee was constituted by the Jal Sansthan this year to mark such illegal boring.


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