People of 6155 villages will get ownership cards by December

ownership cards

The government has planned to give ownership cards to the people of about six thousand villages of the state by December. Pilot projects under Almora, Pauri, and Udham Singh Nagar of the Prime Minister’s Proprietary Plan are in force in the state. Under this scheme, till December, people of 6155 villages of these three districts will be provided with ownership cards. The revenue department has issued its orders.

The department has also started work on the scheme of providing ownership cards to the people of other villages. The Survey of India has been asked to prepare for this. The Survey of India is to be made and given a digital map. There are more than 16 thousand revenue villages in the state. PM Narendra Modi announced the scheme for 11 other states including Uttarakhand on National Panchayat Day on 24 April.

Now people from 50 villages will get ownership card

On October 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will provide ownership cards to some people from selected villages in 11 states involved in the project through a function. The cards were to be given to people from 18 villages in three districts with the first pilot project in Uttarakhand. Now the revenue department has said that cards will be given to people from 50 villages of these three districts. The revenue department has asked to prepare digital maps by August 15. Along with this, negotiations have also been started to change the Revenue Acts to give the right to property.

The central government has a watchful eye

The Central Government is also vigilant about this scheme. According to Revenue Council sources, a meeting is being held twice every week and the central officials are constantly getting updates through video conference.

Gram Panchayats also benefit from the scheme

In fact, before the ownership card is given to the person residing in the village, the record of the entire property of the village will be made. In such a situation, the Gram Panchayat will also know who has a house, shop, etc. Gram Panchayat can also use this to increase its revenue. It will also be easy to develop public facilities for the panchayat.

Landless women in the mountain benefit more

According to the revenue department, the biggest beneficiary of this will be those who do not have agricultural land. Farmers take loans from the bank on the basis of cultivated land. The benefit to the landless will be that they will be able to take a loan on their property. Similarly, getting the ownership card to women will make it easier to take a loan from the bank.

Survey of India will increase drone

Under the project, more than 6000 villages in three districts will be given ownership cards by December. Preparations have also been started for this. After completion of the target in 50 villages by August 15, the work of making maps in other villages will start. For this, the Survey of India has also agreed to increase the number of drones.


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