Pauri: Wife brutally murdered husband, villagers imprisoned accused woman in the house


In Kaljikhal block of Pauri district of Uttarakhand, a wife murdered her husband. The villagers have imprisoned the accused woman in the house. According to the information, 40-year-old Tejpal was killed by his wife in Siron village. The woman has killed Tejpal by crushing his head with bricks.

According to the villagers, the two were always fighting among themselves. The wife used to beat her husband daily. The son used to settle the matter between the two. He went to the wedding on Friday. It was told that there was a fight between the two.

The wife pushed the husband first. He fainted due to head injury. The wife crushed the unconscious husband’s head with bricks in the courtyard itself. Revenue police reached the spot on the information of villagers. Villagers imprisoned the deceased’s wife inside the house. Siron Garhwal is the ancestral village of MP Tirath Singh Rawat.


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