Patanjali launches dengue drug to eliminate dengue, tested on 1875 patients


Patanjali Yogpeeth General Secretary Acharya Balakrishna claimed that he had made a drug named Dengue Nilvati after conducting tests on 1875 patients. This drug was launched on Sunday.

Acharya Balakrishna claimed that taking 2.2 tablets of Divya Dengue Nilvati thrice a day cures the patient suffering from dengue very quickly and his platelets are also not reduced. He told that Divya Dengu is a sensible effective medicine made from Nilvati, Giloy, Tulsi, Papaya leaf, Guar Patha and other divine herbs of the Himalayas.

It is said that after the rainy season every year there is a risk of many diseases, but this time dengue has created a terrible situation. This has killed many people.

Hence Patanjali has decided that whoever is suffering from dengue can get this medicine for free. Patanjali Ayurved is determined to prevent dengue. He told that after testing on 1875 dengue patients, this drug has been launched.


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