Patanjali is a startup brand

“Swadeshi brands like Patanjali has become a start-up thing in the mornings of millions of Indians.” said the state cabinet minister Madan Kaushik in swadeshi mela.

Swadeshi Mela in Rishikul ground started this week, showcase indigenous brands of India. This mela would feature cultural evenings, a fashion show of Khadi wear, theatre shows and discourses by the eminent people and the artists. The state cabinet minister Madan Kaushik inaugurated the fair and said Swadeshi brands of remote areas come within the reach of a common man through such fairs.

Acharya Bal Krishna of Patanjali Yog Peeth said, “This is because the multinational companies not just take the profit back to their countries, giving thus a blow to our economy but also help corruption to grow, thanks to the idea they dig into the collective mind of India being a market to be exploited. Without any emotional bonding with the country, the people and the culture, they are only engrossed in profiteering. By contrast, the brands like Patanjali consider India as a family”, stressing on swadeshi being linked to the collective life of the nation.

The founder of Divya Prem Sewa Mission Ashish Gautam, on the other hand, emphasized the need of having Swadeshi governance through ‘Swadesh Raj’. The fair is being organized by Swadeshi Jagran Manch in conjunction with Divine International Organisation.

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