Indian Military Academy: Passing-out parade is all set to

Indian Military Academy (IMA) is all prepared for the passing-out parade on Saturday with 347 Indian and 80 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets passing-out to become officers in the Indian Army and the armed forces of friendly nations.

306 GCs from 143 regular course and 41 from the Technical Graduate Course (TGC) are the passing out contingent. Among the FGCs, 49 are from Afghanistan, 15 from Bhutan, 5 each from Maldives and Tajikistan, and two each from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Haryana and Uttarakhand continue to be on the forefront with more number of army, 51 and 26 contingents,  sending out to serve the country. 53 GCs from Uttar Pradesh, 36 from Bihar and 25 from Delhi while  20 GC from Maharashtra are some of the other big contributors to the nation.

Madhya Pradesh, the second biggest State of India would share only 10 GCs in the passing out contingent of officers while Jharkhand only four. Gujarat will contribute 4 youngsters while Chhattisgarh only two. There has been multi-activity displayed in the Indian Military Academy IMA showcasing the talents like daredevil acts on horseback, tent pegging, trick riding and show jumping and the like.

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