Parents should note that entrusting vehicle in the hands of minor children will land them to jail

The new Motor Vehicles Act-2019 is going to be implemented from September 1 across the country, under which parents will be directly jailed for letting their minors drive vehicles. Besides, a fine of 25 thousand will also be imposed.

The Transport Corporation Department has completed all preparations for implementing the Act in Uttarakhand too. Teams are being formed for checking in Rudraprayag. The Motor Vehicles Act-2019 has been enacted by the Government of India with the objective of making the public aware of safe traffic and minimizing road accidents.

The list of all the provisions of this Act has also been sent by the Center to the state government. ARTO Mohit Kumar Kothari said that under the new Act, new rates of invoices and fines have been fixed for a violation of traffic rules.

Also, a provision of three months in jail and a fine of Rs 25 thousand has been given to parents for letting their minors drive vehicles. He said that under the new rule, Rs 1000 has been invoiced for driving a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet.

Earlier, this invoice used to be only 100 rupees. The new act prescribes a fine of Rs.5000 for driving a vehicle without a license. Apart from this, there will be an invoice of Rs 10,000 on drunk driving, over speed and Rs 2000 on vehicles without insurance and pollution check. In case of giving a vehicle to someone else who does not have a license, both will be fined Rs 5 thousand.

It is said that under the new Act, cooperation is also being sought from the police to make arrangements. Also, teams are being formed for checking. There are 8364 motorcycle-scooters, 3294 motorcars, 35 buses, 64 omnibuses, 7 dumper, 752 goods carriers, 2 fire vehicles and 1050 maxi cabs registered in the district.

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