Panchayat elections: 5802 candidates’ nominations canceled, 24 thousand posts of Gram Panchayats will remain vacant

After scrutiny and withdrawal of nomination papers in the Panchayat elections in Uttarakhand, it has also become clear that only about 54 percent of the candidates will contest against the total posts in the panchayats. About thirty percent have been elected unopposed.

This time the posts of about 24 thousand gram panchayat members will remain vacant. Nominations of 5802 candidates in all three panchayats have been canceled. Injury because of the cancellation of the nomination has been done on the area panchayats as well as the district panchayat.

After scrutiny and withdrawal of nomination papers, finally, on Sunday, the State Election Commission was able to clear the picture. The information given by the Commission has also put forward a worrying aspect of the panchayat election picture.

Only 36227 representatives have remained in the fray relative to a total of 66397 posts. It is a matter of relief that out of these 22669 posts have been elected unopposed. The worst situation is in the Gram Panchayat member post. Nominations were 28951 as compared to a total of 55572 posts.

How many nominations were rejected
Of these, 3575 nominations were canceled. If the number of those elected uncontested is removed, then only 5608 posts of Gram Panchayats will be elected in the state. Other disputes, including more than two children, also made the difference that with the withdrawal of names in the District Panchayat and Kshetra Panchayat, the names were also canceled in large numbers.


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