Pakistan’s first PM Jinnah had celebrated their honeymoon here, because of which this place’s appreciated

The owners of the Nainital Metropol hotel, who were buzzing at a time, would hardly have thought of keeping it under its supervision.

On Monday, when the hotel’s building was surrounded by flames, people were quite surprised to see this historic heritage of such a fate. However, the vast building of the hotel complex spread over 8.72 acres is still safe.

Jinnah came to Nainital in April 1919 with his wife Ratanbai
Metropol Hotel is associated with Founder of Neighboring country Pakistan, Moh. Ali and is also fond of Jinnah’s life. It is said that Jinnah had come to Nainital in April 1919 with his wife Ratanbai.

They celebrated their honeymoon in this hotel. Jinnah was very impressed with seeing the temple, mosque, gurdwara, together with the church here. He praised Nainital much as a symbol of religious harmony.

Metropol Hotel, a witness to equate Indians with equality
Enemy property Metropol Hotel witnessed the right to equalize the Indians during the English rule. According to the information, they say that this building is before 1969. It is said that during the British rule the British used to stay in the upper part of the hotel, whereas in the lower part Indians were ordained.

In 1965, the administration took over the enemy property custodian on the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. It is said that the property was given to the Shapoorji for 12 thousand rupees per annum from 10 September 1965 to 30 July 1967.

Krishna Luthra hailed here at Rs 15 thousand annually
From July 1, 1967, to January 1997, Krishan Luthra remained here on the annual rent of Rs. 15 thousand rupees. It is said that from 1997 to 2005 M / s Metropol Hills Hotel Pvt Ltd took it for 60 thousand rupees per year.

At the order of the Delhi High Court in 2005, the property was handed over to Raja Mahmudabad, a resident of Delhi. Since August 2010, the enemy of the Indian Government is under the protection of the District Administration on the instructions of the Department of Property Custodian.

Fire extinguishers engaged for three hours in extinguishing the fire
A fire broke out on Monday evening at the Metropol hotel located in Mallital. In the fierce fire, a hotel building has become ashes. Dump workers took three hours to extinguish the fire. The reasons for the fire are not known. Six years ago there was a fire in the main building of the hotel. In the house where the fire started, the office of the Commerce Tax Department was operated previously.

Around 6:30 pm on Monday evening, a building in enemy property Metropol Hotel was hit by fire. Three people reached for extinguishing after informing the fire department. Meanwhile, the fire had taken a vivid form. Due to not being a fire hydrant, the fire brigade had to face a lot of difficulty in extinguishing the fire. Despite heavy rain and hail, the flames continued to flare. Given the fire, the electricity supply of the area was closed.

Many under construction buildings of Nainital, made of junkies
Fire flames in the ruined building of the enemy property Metropol Hotel opened the poles of the administration’s passive work system. The responsibility of preserving the said property is in the hands of the administration but due to lack of supervision, this place is proving to be a land of junkies. There are also many other under construction, rugged buildings in the city. Locals are blaming the drug addicts behind the fire in the junkies of the Metropol hotel on Monday.

People say that information about the gathering of junkies has been given to the administration several times, but the action has not been taken. Similar to the Metropol, there are many other buildings that have been transformed into a wooden ruin in the city where the drug addicts are camping. If the administration does not take lessons from this incident of the Metropol, then the spark from the cigarette of junkies can execute a big event.

Incidents of fire in historic buildings
-In 1978 a severe fire broke out at Nainital Club
-In the decade of 1970, a part of the East Secretariat, the present High Court Building, was set on fire.
-Hutton Cottage Hall was destroyed by fire in Ayarpata around 1970.
-In the 1960s, Jim Corbett’s building Kailash View (Handi Bhandi) was burnt.
-In 1992, there was a fire in the physics department of Kuwaiti DSB campus.
-In 2003, a portion of the Raj Bhawan was set on fire.
– October 05, 2010, the Collectorate Building was on fire.
– On April 2, 2013, the roof of Nainital Raj Bhavan was surrounded by fire.
-On September 14, 2013, there was a fire in the Govardhan Kirtan Hall which was attached to the Nayana Devi temple complex.

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