Online money fraud from FRI bank account in Dehradun

Institute bans checkbooks on accounts of accountancy project
Case filed, fear of any person associated with the institute

In Dehradun, fraudsters fraudulently cleared an amount of about Rs 24 lakh from the bank account of the Museum Renovation Project of the Forest Research Institute (FRI). Thankfully, the fraudster could not redeem the second check. The police have registered a case and started an investigation. Prima facie, there is a possibility of any person associated with the institute in this game.

According to Superintendent of City Police Shweta Choubey, a case has been registered against FRI accountant Harendra Singh Rawat, resident of Shiv Nanda Vihar Mohkampur in Cantt Kotwali. Rawat said that the staff of Union Bank FRI informed that Rs 24,31,840 has been withdrawn from the account of the project director FRI Museum Renovation by putting a fake check. This amount was transferred to the account of Mardani Inter Prizes on 14 November 2019.

SP Shweta Chaubey said that a day before this fraud, a check was presented on 13 November on behalf of Mardani Enterprises to the Bank of Jammu to withdraw Rs 43,10,190 from the account of Museum Renovation. When contacted by the bank administration, this fraud was disclosed, as no such check was issued by FRI. The bank stopped the payment as soon as this information was received. As a precautionary measure, at present, the project has banned 237 unusable checkbooks of the project. The SP said that Judicial has started the investigation by taking the documents in possession. Those involved in this entire game will be caught soon.

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