One thousand DL trapped in General-OBC personnel strike in seven days

general-OBC personnel strike

In the ongoing general-OBC personnel strike in the state, one thousand permanent driving licenses were stuck in Doon alone in seven working days. In fact, the strike has been going on since March 2, but it included Wednesday and the workday took only seven days. In this, all the work in the transport department was stopped. Even in IDTR Jhajhra, all the works were stopped so permanent licenses could not be made. In such a situation, those applicants, whose license validity of six months has expired, will have to apply again for the trainee license. Many such applicants also met RTO Dinesh Chandra Pathoi on Wednesday, but the RTO expressed its inability to give a new date for permanent license in the event of expiry of the validity of the trainee license.

The impact of the general-OBC strike is being seen in the RTO office. In the strike, no work is being done on check-posts including all the RTO, ARTO offices of the state. There is silence nowadays in Doon RTO, which stays buzzing from morning to evening. Three necessary counters were opened in the RTO from Wednesday, due to which, along with the trainee license, the deposit of cash and invoice fines started to be deposited, but the rest of the work is still stalled. Especially fitness work. At the same time, the permanent license work in the RTO’s IDTR has come to a standstill. There are 150 permanent two-wheeler and four-wheeler licenses made every day. There have been 1050 licenses not made since March 2. Of these 350 licenses are for four-wheelers and the rest for two-wheelers.

At the same time, registration of new vehicles and fitness of all vehicles is stalled due to the stoppage of work in RTO. The registration of about three thousand new vehicles is stuck and the fitness of about one thousand vehicles is stuck.

Approximately 28 crores hit

The government gets revenue of Rs 40 to 50 lakhs daily in various items in the RTO office. Whereas, if we look at the revenue of the state, then about four crore rupees are deposited daily in the state fund. In such a situation, the state government has incurred a loss of 28 crores in seven working days.

Increased concern of DL applicants

The strike caused the most problems to the applicants with a learning driving license. In fact, due to the online application, the applicants had got the date for examination and biometric, their work was not done due to the strike. Similarly, applicants may have to face problems in the days ahead. RTO Dinesh Chandra Pathoi said that the trainees who could not take the exam for the license, will be put into a new slot in the coming days when the strike is opened. Applicants whose apprenticeship license has to become permanent license and their trainee license is yet to be valid, then they have nothing to worry about. However, those whose validity is over, they will have to apply to be made a trainee license again.

SC-ST personnel opened three counters

Work was started at three counters through SC-ST cadre personnel at RTO. The work of taking trainee license and examination on computer was started. Apart from this, work has also been started at the counter related to depositing cash and payment of invoices. RTO said that at present only seven personnel are working in the office, in such a situation, the necessary counters have been opened.

Work affected in seven days due to strike

Vehicle fitness-1000
New Vehicle Registration-3000
Permit Renewal – 500 to 600
Permanent license – 1050
(Note: This is a picture of stalled work in Doon RTO in seven days.)
RTA meeting not being held due to strike


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