Nutrition campaign: 6.82 lakh children and women are getting nutrition here

 6.82 lakh children and women are getting nutrition from nutrition campaign

The campaign is running across the state to get rid of malnutrition. The number of children registered in 19940 Anganwadi centers as well as pregnant and lactating women is supported by this. Currently, 527935 children and 155023 pregnant and lactating women are being benefited from nutrition in these centers. According to the officials, apart from giving energy (nutritious local food grains) to the beneficiaries to remove malnutrition, many schemes are going on and they have also yielded good results.

Malnutrition continues to be a problem in all districts of Uttarakhand with contrasting geographical conditions. To overcome this, 105 projects are being operated. These are being run through 12 Anganwadi centers in urban areas and 18666 in rural areas as well as mini Anganwadi centers. In this, the main focus is on children and pregnant and lactating women. They are being provided nutritious food regularly from Anganwadi centers.

To keep them healthy and nutritious, they are being given nutritious food ‘energy’ prepared from cereals like Manduva, Jhangora, Bhatt. Not only this, the focus is on malnourished and undernourished children falling into the general category. Along with giving nutritious food to pregnant mothers and midwives, besides taking care of their health, Anganwadi centers are also being maintained.

Slums are a big challenge

Even though 6.82 lakh children and women are being benefited in the Anganwadi centers of the state, slums still remain a challenge. The problem of malnutrition is more in these settlements. Although there are children registered in Anganwadi centers along with their mothers, their number is less. Now the government has also given special attention to slums.

The ongoing schemes

Supplementary Nutrition, Cooked Food, Take Home Ration, Health Screening and Immunization, Monitoring Enhancement and Reference Services, Health and Nutrition Education, National Nutrition Mission. Apart from this, many schemes are also being operated from the state sector.

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