Number of elephants reached 2026 in Corbett and Rajaji Tiger Reserve, 10% increase in three years


Gajra’s clan has increased in the state. The number of elephants in the state was 1839 in 2017, which has now increased to 2026. This has been confirmed by the recent drone survey.

After tigers in the state, there is also news about elephants. Elephant census was informed at a meeting of the State Wildlife Board Secretariat chaired by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Monday. This calculation was done in June by drone.

It was told that about 87 elephants have grown in the state in the last three years. Most elephants in the state are in Corbett. The number of elephants here in 2015 was 1045 which has increased to 1224 at this time. 1011 elephants were found in Ramnagar Forest Division. Elephants were not found in Bhagirathi and Narendranagar forest divisions while 113 were found in the Haridwar forest division. Similarly, there are 311 elephants in Rajaji Park.

Earlier, the tiger census also brought relief news for the state. There was also a significant increase in the number of tigers in the state. On the other hand, elephants are the most affected by urbanization and forest changes. Despite this, the increase in the number of the forest department is considering the result of its conservation efforts.

When were the elephants
2012 ……………. 1559
2015 ……………. 1488
2017 ………….. 1839
2020 …………… 2026

Adult male- 304, including Tusker-282, Other-22
Adult Female – 771
Between 05 and 15 years – 447,
One year to five years – 285
Less than a year – 172
Elephants whose age could not be identified- 47

Increase in the number of aquatic organisms

CM Trivendra said that the number of aquatic organisms has also increased in the state. The aquatic fauna was counted from 22 to 24 February 2020. It was found that there are 451 crocodiles, 77 alligators, and 194 otters in the state. It was informed that from the year 2020 to 2022, the snow-leopard population will be estimated.

In the meeting, he informed that a proposal has been received from the Wildlife Institute of India to study the carrying capacity of tigers and wild elephants in the Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji Tiger Reserve. Similarly, site suitability reports have been received for the reintroduction of Rhinoceros.


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