Nuclear testing is like ‘mission shakti’, many interesting facts given by experts

India’s ‘mission shakti’ is being described as a nuclear test 21 years ago. Experts say that the way we made the world realize its strength 21 years ago. Even on Wednesday, in a similar fashion, Indian scientists have considered their ability to be strong.

If an enemy nation harms or try misusing our satellite, then it has to think a hundred times for it that India has also been able to make them more deadly in this.
Security of the country will get stronger
Brigadier (retired) K. B. Bahl said about this mission that it will give greater security to the country. It is a proud moment for the entire country that we have joined the selected countries of the world who have such kind of power.

With this mission, the security of the country will be strengthened and simultaneously the morale of India’s army will also grow. The country’s scientists have achieved this achievement and have conveyed that India is ready to deal with the greatest threat now.

India’s military capability will get the biggest benefit
Shamsher Bisht, President of Ex-Servicemen Association, said that 21 years ago India conducted a nuclear test. Even then the scientists of the nation had said that we are no less than anybody. Our government was also standing firmly in front of the world and despite all the restrictions, we continued our programs. Similarly, the biggest benefit of ‘Mission Shakti’ will be for the military capacity of India. In the future, the definition of war is going to be done to minimize the greatest loss to an enemy nation by using minimal resources.

We now also have the capacity to tell an enemy nation that if he takes such a step then we also have the answer for that. India is a single country which is surrounded by nuclear power-rich countries on both sides and the relationship between both is not mild. Pakistan is not able to respond to its objections and China is engaged in failing to end our efforts on the matter. In this case, it is a strong answer from the Indian scientists for both countries.

Suddenly there was a stir taking PM Modi’s speech
On Wednesday morning, as soon as PM Modi came to the public about the news of public meeting, there was a stir in the people. There was a lot of speculation. People stuck to the TV. From 11:30 am, people started waiting for PM Modi to arrive on TV at 12 o’clock. No social media was seen talking about PM Modi coming on TV. Many people also remember the speech of PM Modi’s noteban.

After all, when the PM’s address began, everyone, no matter where they were, stuck to the TV. Those who were unable to watch TV, they saw the full address live on YouTube. Arjun, a resident of Keshav Vihar, says that the information given by PM Modi to make the country a superpower made him happy to hear it. Ashish, a resident of Ajabpur, said that PM Modi has given recognition to the country by moving forward four steps ahead of the technical direction. Many people are happy to be the great power of the country. Read more posts…

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