Now you have to pass this test also to have driving license made, the process is complicated

driving license

Special things
Must pass ‘Hill track’ exam for DL
Steps are being taken to prevent day-to-day accidents in the mountain areas
Currently, three exams to be given to get a four-wheeler license

The process of getting a driving license is being further complicated to curb the day-to-day accidents in the hill areas. People will also have to pass the ‘Hill Track’ exam now. This system will be implemented in a few days.

According to ARTO administration Arvind Pandey, at present the applicants are required to take the examination of S formation, parallel parking, back parking in the Institute of Driving and Training Research i.e. IDTR to get a driving license. But to stop the day-to-day accidents in the mountainous areas, now you have to pass the Hill Track Examination.

During this test, drivers will be required to test driving on slopes, climbing, running on valleys, dangerous turns. Applicants will be issued a driving license only after passing it.

ARTO Arvind Pandey says that after the implementation of this process, driving license of only those drivers, who are really proficient in driving in the hilly areas, will be issued. Due to this, accidents in the mountainous areas will be prevented to a great extent.

Jhajra race

Now four-wheeler, as well as two-wheeler drivers, will also have to take a test at IDTR in Jhajhra to get a driving license. Currently, applicants are being tested in RTO. But soon it is being arranged at IDTR in Jhajhra.


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