Now this raft will become support from drowning, water will run at a speed of 30 km per hour

There is an old saying that straws are enough to support from drowning. In this, the automatic raft of SDRF will now be helpful in saving the lives of people from drowning in water.

A raft running at 30 kilometers per hour in water can become a protective shield up to three kilometers away. Raft will talk in the air at the behest of the report. SDRF has taken two rafts as a trial. The proposed Mahakumbh next year will also support raft drownings.

Apart from Mandakini, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Ganga, Yamuna, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kali river, the challenge of saving lives of people trapped in rainy rivers is not hidden from anyone. The State Disaster Relief Force (SDRF) is a pioneer in rescue.

More than 40 lives were saved with the help of divers
The SDRF, with the help of its divers, saved the lives of more than 40 people during the Kandar fair held in Haridwar this year. In this, the SDRF has now taken two automatic rafts as a trial to provide immediate relief to the people trapped in the water.

According to the SDRF Inspector General of Police Sanjay Gunjyal, it took time for the diver to reach the people trapped in the water, leading to many deaths. The automatic raft will reach as help to people immersed in water in minutes and hundreds.

This will make it possible to save people trapped in water. The speed of the raft in water will be 30 kilometers per hour, which will be effective in giving relief up to three kilometers away. There is a plan to use rafts in Mahakumbh also so that any untoward incident with devotees can be avoided.

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