Now the school ID card will also be the basis of children

For making the Aadhaar card of children, now only the school ID card will also be valid. Orders have been issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), but the UIDAI has also made it clear that the school must be accredited and the ID card fully verified. Only then can it be used to form the base.

Aditya Shukla, operations manager of Dehradun Aadhar Seva Kendra, said that a huge concession has been given to children by UIDAI. Aadhaar card for children above five years of age can now be made only on the basis of a school-verified ID card. But the information required to create an Aadhar card in an ID card must be completed. In which the child’s photo, parents’ name, address, and mobile number are most important. Aditya said that it has been made mandatory by the UIDAI to update the fingerprint, address, mobile number and photo in the Aadhaar card of children after they are five and 15 years old, but staying away from their family or for any other reason. This concession has been given for children unable to show.

Aditya told that at the age of five and 15 years no fee will be charged for updating the data in Aadhaar, but after that, a fee of Rs 50 will be paid. In the name of Aadhaar, loot in the market is charging hefty fees for making mistakes in the cyber café market. In cyber cafes, only Rs 100 to 150 rupees are being charged for building Aadhaar, while in Government Aadhaar Seva Kendras, the work is done for only thirty rupees. Aditya Shukla, operations manager of Aadhaar service center Dehradun, advised the common people to avoid loosening their pockets in private cyber cafes.

Shukla appealed to the common people to visit the Aadhar Seva Kendra or centers run by other government institutions. Aditya said that no fee is charged for the Aadhaar application, but Rs 30 is charged for the color print. Apart from this, a fee of Rs 50 is to be paid for any type of update.

Plastic card ban
Making of plastic cards is also banned at Aadhaar service centers or centers set up by government institutions.

This rule has been implemented to reduce the use of plastic. Aadhaar can be laminated after printing from the Aadhaar service center. Aditya told that the Aadhaar Seva Kendra is open seven days. To save time, online appointments can also be taken before coming to the center.

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