Now the needy will not have to wander, there will be facility at common service centers

Common Service Center

Special things
People will be able to consult lawyers through video conferencing under Tele Law Scheme

The Common Service Center (CSC) is introducing a Tele Law Scheme for the victims. With this, people will now get rid of wandering in the absence of legal information. Lawyers will get legal advice through video conferencing at CSC. People will have to pay only Rs 30 for this.

CSC State Head Lalit Bohra said that Tele Law Scheme is being started at common service centers. Under this scheme, people can book their appointment and talk to the authorized panel of lawyers directly through video call at the scheduled time. The purpose of this scheme is to help the needy people. So that they can get rid of wandering from place to place due to lack of information.

The people of the mountain will get the most benefit of the Tele Law Scheme. Because people have to wander due to lack of legal information. Apart from this, due to not getting a good lawyer many times, their problem is not solved year after year. In such a situation, the Tele-law facility will prove to be very helpful.

What is Tele Law

Using Tele law technology, lawyers and victims will be provided legal information and legal advice through video conferencing through a panel of lawyers present at the Common Service Center. Victims will also be able to get information about their problem through Tele-law.

They will get free benefits

The benefit of the Tele-law facility will be free to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes and those living below the poverty line. People from other and general category will have to pay a fee of Rs 30.

Volunteers will be paid

The Tele Law Volunteers operating CSC have been selected from Udham Singh Nagar, Dehradun and Haridwar. These volunteers will also be paid to make people aware.


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