Now the data of the trekkers will have to be kept in the district headquarters, IG Garhwal also gave instructions


Tourists and trekkers often go missing during trekking. In such a situation, IG Garhwal Abhinav Kumar has instructed the police to keep the data of the trekking routes in the district headquarters. Said that full information about the trekkers going on trekking should be in the concerned police station and district headquarters. IG Garhwal said that there are a large number of trekking routes in the districts of Garhwal region. Due to this, a large number of tourists and trekkers from here and abroad come for trekking.

The tourism department and many training group operators also conduct trekking at the local level. Trekking routes are inaccessible due to inaccessible mountainous areas. Occasionally there is also a possibility of an incident with trekkers due to a natural disaster during trekking. Such incidents have come to light earlier also. Tourists and trekkers lose their way if they are not aware of the local geographical conditions. While the local police administration does not have complete information about the trekkers, their monitoring is not possible.

Also given instructions

Complete details of the group trekkers going on trekking should be kept in the respective police stations. The number of people in the team, also keep their names, mobile numbers, and addresses.

The details of the entire route of the trekking and the possible time of completion of the trekking on this route should be kept with the police station and the outpost, so that there is an arrangement to inform the police station near the end of the trek.

Arrangements should be made to coordinate with the tracking team through the media cell of the level of LEU, police station, district headquarters.

Efforts should be made to have a local guide with whichever trekking group goes on trekking.
Full coordination in this regard should also be maintained with local trekking operators, the tourism department, forest department, and other related agencies.

All the police stations, checkpoints, revenue police falling on the trekking route will keep track of the group running on the trekking in their respective areas so that the trekkers’ movement will be kept in full.


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