Now online booking of Safari will be done on first come first serve basis in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

Special things
Forest Ministry abolishes quota of national, foreign, etc. including VIP.
Identity cards and photos made mandatory for online booking.

A new first-come, first-served breakfast has been introduced for safaris and night stays in Corbett. VIP, national and foreign quotas have been abolished here. With this, identity cards and photos have been made mandatory for online booking.

Forest Minister Harak Singh told the media in the Assembly that due to the requirement of photo and identity card, now a large number of bookings through companies and agents will be stopped at the same time.

Booking opens for just half an hour and more than 700 bookings are done. PCCF Wildlife Rajiv Bhatri said that even after trying with his acquaintance America, he could not get it booked for two years, now it will not happen.

The decision to arrange an online booking for admission from Pakhar Gate
The Forest Ministry has now also decided to arrange online entry for the Corbett Tiger Reserve from Pakhar Gate in Kotdwar. This decision was taken in a meeting held with the forest department officials in the assembly.

Forest Minister Harak Singh informed that a dormitory for students, researchers have been conducted at Haldu stop located in Kotdwar to see wildlife closely. This system was in force earlier but was later discontinued.

According to the Forest Minister, the system of entry from Pakhar Gate to Corbett was started some time ago. It has now been decided that this gate should be promoted more. For this, it has been featured prominently on Corbett’s website.

Tourists will also be made aware of wildlife by providing highly skilled training through skill development to guides in national parks. This will reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife.


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