Now one-way system in Aadhat market, action will be taken if rules are broken; This will be arranged

Adhat market

The one-way system has been implemented in the Adhat market, one of the largest and busiest markets of Doon in view of security from Corona. The police have taken this step to ensure the physical distance between shopkeepers and buyers in the market. In addition to the Kotwali police, PAC, Armed Police, and Mounted Police have also been launched in the market to strictly follow the one-way system. One-way will remain in force from seven in the morning to eight in the night.

As the Unlock began, crowds in Doon’s markets started growing. At the same time, compliance with the physical distance between buyers and shopkeepers was also becoming a challenge for the police. When the second phase of Unlock started, the scope of relaxation increased, as crowds increased in the markets, people started to feel unperturbed about Corona. It turned out that most people started avoiding masks when following physical distance.

This situation is when the police are invoicing people for not wearing masks continuously. Failure to follow physical distances in crowded places such as Aadhat Bazaar can lead to catastrophic conditions in the future. In view of this, on the instructions of DIG Arun Mohan Joshi, on Monday, SP City Shweta Chaubey, CO City Shekhar Chand Suyal, and Nagar Kotwal Shishupal Negi campaigned in Aadhat Bazar and implemented one-way system.

If the situation does not come under control, then shops will open in the market in sequence

DIG Arun Mohan Joshi said that the biggest challenge is to prevent corona infection in the district at this time. If the situation does not improve even after doing one-way in the Aadhat market, then shops can be considered to be opened in order. Under this, every third shop will be opened in the market.

This will be arranged

City Kotwal Shishupal Negi said that the entry of four-wheelers in the market will be completely banned. Only two-wheelers will be allowed to go.

During the one-way entry, all vehicles in the Aadhat market will be from Darshani Gate.

To exit the market, the drivers have to go to Bhandari Chowk via Hanuman Chowk.

Other routes leading to the market have been closed. For this, permanent barricades have been installed in front of Moti Bazar Tiraha, Peepal Mandi Tiraha, and Darbar Sahib.

The loader will be allowed to go to the market between one to three o’clock in the afternoon to carry goods.

With the cooperation of the Board of Trade, it has been decided that only customers’ vehicles will stand in the market.

Traders and workers working at their establishment will park their vehicles in the Jhanda market.


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