Now not only prominent, but common people will also be able to stay in the rest house of the forest department

After the Corbett Reserve in the state, now any person can stay in the rest houses of the forest department built in different places. For this, the Forest Department is preparing to make the booking system online. For this, the Chief Conservator of Forests has asked the Chief Conservator of Forests, Garhwal, Kumaon, and Wildlife to select 145 forest rest houses coming to their areas and provide a list of them. Along with this, the name of their range, area of the rest house, number of rooms available, rent per room, distance from the road, nearest township, GPCS location has been asked to be given so that online booking system can be started.

There are about 250 forest rest houses in the state at present. Many of these belong to the British period and remain at prominent sites. So far, only the forest department officials or those who have come on the basis of recommendation can stay. There was also a belief that the common man cannot stop here. Now the forest department has taken steps to change this perception. Principal Conservator of Forests (Half) Jai Raj has written a letter to all the chief conservators and said that the priority of the department is to make the common man aware of the conservation of forests and wildlife.

This is possible only when people visit the forest area and understand the forests. For this, these people should be given a smooth environment to stay in the forest area. For this, the rest houses of the Forest Department are most suitable. To make the forest rest houses easily available to the general public, the reservation system needs to be made online. This is the system in the Corbett Tiger Reserve areas and has also yielded positive results. In such a situation, their booking should be started online. For this, the remaining bookings can be booked online, leaving one room for departmental work.

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