Now driving licenses and RCs is okay if not kept along, no invoicing if not carried


If you are also mobile friendly and have uploaded your vehicle papers and driving licenses, etc. in the Digi Locker, the police will not be able to cut your invoice. Provided you get caught in violation of any other rule.

The traffic police were trained on Sunday to check the vehicle papers in the Digi Locker. ITDA experts told traffic police workers that they are legal as per the rules.

ITDA Senior Consultant Program Management Alok Tomar said that the Digi Locker is a service introduced by the Government of India. It can be kept in both public and non-government vehicles. These records can be shown when the original copy is sought.

Uploading documents in Digi Locker will be considered as an original copy under IT Act Rule 9-E. SP traffic light Chand Arya told that the churning on the arrangement of the Digi Locker is going on. The plan is that it will be implemented soon.


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