Now, a separate budget to stop migration from Uttarakhand


The state government is going to take an important step to stop the migration from the villages. A separate budget will be arranged to prevent migration. Rural Development Department has been instructed to prepare its proposal. This system will come into force in the new year after the examination at the government level. With this, department-wise funds will be provided for all the schemes to prevent migration, so that these works can be done fast.

Migration has emerged as a major problem in Uttarakhand. In particular, the villages in the mountainous region are constantly evacuated by migration. In the past 19 years, 1702 villages are deserted. In hundreds of villages, the population is worth counting in the fingers. In view of this, the Exodus Commission has suggested focussing on villages for the next five years.

However, the government is working to prevent migration. Department-wise action plans are now being prepared for the affected villages. The churning phase continues at this high level. NITI Aayog has also taken a special interest in measures to prevent migration. Meanwhile, in a meeting held at the Chief Secretary level recently, Deputy Chairman of the Exodus Commission Dr. SS Negi suggested a separate budget arrangement to prevent migration. There will be no problem of funds for activities that are to prevent migration due to budget provision.

On the other hand, there is a deep churn at the government level regarding this. Hopefully, this system will come into force in the new year. Secretary Finance Amit Negi says the exodus has been taken seriously. The rural development department will propose this in view of the separate budget arrangement to prevent migration. This system will be implemented after the trial.


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