Not a single partner found for five Navodaya Vidyalayas, now preparing to run in society mode

Navodaya Vidyalayas

The government did not get a single partner to run five Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidyalayas in PPP mode. This is the situation when the government was providing 50 percent of the money for the construction of a school building with four hectares of land for 30 years, but due to not getting a single partner, now these schools are ready to run in the society mode. Subsequently, funds have been released to some schools for the construction of school buildings.

Among the schools that the government decided to run in PPP mode, four schools are to be started in the hill district and one school in Udham Singh Nagar. Applications for these schools have been sought four to five times, but no one has come forward for this. This is the reason that these schools in Garasain, Chinyasisoun, Bageshwar, Rudraprayag and Udhamsingh Nagar have been running in temporary buildings since the year 2012-13.

In this, some funds have been released for the boundary wall at Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidyalaya, Garasain. Whereas now other schools including Chinyasisoun are also ready to operate in the government society mode. So that in the cycle of PPP mode, the buildings of these schools which have been hanging in the balance for years can be constructed. Its proposal has been sent to the government on behalf of the Directorate of Education. The same budget is being arranged for the construction of some schools.

Nobody came forward even after relaxing the rules
No one came forward for the school even after the relaxation of the rules for schools in the mountain. Networth and turnovers from the government as well as experience for school operations were reduced so that someone would come forward to run the school in the mountain, but the situation remains the same.

Five Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidyalayas were to be run in PPP mode in the state, but despite many applications for this, no proposer was found. This is the reason why now the proposal for these schools has been prepared and sent to the government. The government has to decide whether to run these schools in the society mode or find some other option.
-RK Kunwar, Director of Education


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