Not 13 days but waited for 13 years, Narayana Singh’s body has reached the valley

As the dead body of Narayan Singh of Kumaon Scout reached their ancestral home, the entire atmosphere became engrossed. Wife Deepa Narayan Singh embraced his body and cried. This was not a 13-days waiting for the family members, it was like waiting for 13 years. Old parents, three children, Manisha, Renu, and Naitik, also cried. Daughter Manisha became unconscious.

This family had spent their days waiting after May 16. On May 16 itself, in the Kumaon Scout, Nayak Narayan Singh died in the Makalu mountain of Nepal by submerging in the snow during the mountaineering campaign of the army. Because of the poor weather, his body could not be brought to India soon. In such a case, Narayan Singh’s family, people of the village had to be bitten by waiting for a day or so. Everything was stalled in the village due to an accident in Makalu.

This time of uncertainty, all of them spent the life of a beggar. Not even a single bite of food went down their throat, Narayan Singh’s wife Deepa and mother Motima Devi were surviving by doctors offering glucose. For the last glimpse of Narayan Singh, the entire Gauri Chhal area was full. The Chief of Sealing, Mr.Divani Ram, the Chief of SERA, Nandan Singh, Devi Dutt Upadhyaya of Sirkha, along with all the Panchayat representatives reached Baram. Narayan Singh’s funeral was confounded by his brother Dev Singh. Harish Dhami, the MLA from Dharchula, was upset when Dharchula’s SDM was not available in the Ghat for the final farewell.

The one-and-a-half-kilometer march fixed for the distance of 400 meters
Narayan Singh’s last visit to the Kumaon Scout, who lost his life during the march of Nepal’s Makalu Peak, has also scattered deep wounds of two years ago. The distance of one and a half kilometers was taken to carry the body of the jawan to the ghat 400 meters away. Due to the disaster, the 400-meter route had been damaged two years ago and it has not been rectified since then.

Climber Narayan Singh’s funeral was done in the local ghats. The distance of the pier from Baram village is only about 400 meters. But the funeral was done in the ghat which is one and a half kilometer away. The villagers had to do this due to the collapse of the connecting route to the Ghat in the worst disaster that happened two years ago. In these two years, Baram had recovered from the disaster but after two years, Narayan Singh’s untimely demise passed the pain of the wounded by this bad condition of the road further. According to the villagers, even in these two years, the administration has not taken any care to improve the path, it is a regret. Read more posts…

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