No need to go to the RTO for number plate on the vehicles, now it will be done here

Now the vehicle owners will not have to go to the RTO for the number plate. Now the number plate will be available in the showroom. The price of the number plate will also be associated with the price of the vehicle.

In this case, the owner of the vehicle will not have to pay any extra funds. At present, vehicle owners had to pay 245 for two-wheeler number plates and Rs 424 for four-wheeled vehicles.

Ministry of Transportation has made it mandatory to place high-security number plates in all vehicles from April 1. Under this, now the plates will be placed in the vehicles by the dealer. Notification was issued by the Ministry of Road Transport on December 4 last year, in which it was mandatory to introduce high-security registration plates in new vehicles from April 1, 2019.

Under this, orders have been given to the automakers to make the number plate available to their dealers. Not only this, the numbers will be sent out of the showroom after the number is placed in the vehicles.

Apart from this, the vehicle manufacturers will also be able to provide the number plate to the dealers for their old vehicles. According to officials of the transport department, number plates have been installed in more than 15 lakh cars, scooters, motorcycles, etc. in the capital.

The complete information of the vehicle on one click
ARTO Arvind Pandey said that the work of establishing high-security registration plate in Dehradun was started in 2012. Making a High-Security Plate on the part of the vehicle manufacturer will make it easier for the criminals to get arrested. At the same time, all the information about the vehicle owner will be shown on the computer screen with a number plate.

GPS Chip will be on a number plate
High-Security Number Plate will be dynamic. There will be a GPS based chip in it. Through which Police Control Room and Regional Transport Office will ever be able to track any vehicle. Safety measures like laser mark, hologram have also been kept in place to prevent forming a duplicate number plate. Read more posts…

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