No more heavyweights for school students

Uttarakhand News

The schools have been restricted to give homework to the lower classes and weights of their bags are reduced as per the standards.

The decision of Union Ministry of Human Resource Development over all the State Governments and the education boards have made the parents of the students happy with the decision. The MHRD has clearly said that the weight of the bags of class I and II student should not be more than 1.5 kg, the bag of class III to V student should not exceed 3 kg, the class VI-VII students has been restricted to 4 kilograms, of class VIII–IX student to 4.5 kilograms and class X student to 5 kg.

Guidelines to regulate the teaching of subjects and weight of the school bags of the Students are what the MHRD order instructs the state. The president of All Uttarakhand Parents Association (AUPA) Niraj Singhal was happy about the decision and the order of MHRD should be strictly implemented.


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