No electricity due to the thunderstorm, the capital steeped in darkness, consumers in trouble

Dehradun Electricity started disappearing in the capital and the surrounding areas on Thursday evening with the strong winds breaking the electric wire and blowing the transformer from place to place. Because of which people had to face heavy troubles. After the rain is over, the teams of the energy department are involved in the repair. However, the supply was not restored in more than half the areas till late in the night.

According to UPCL officials, due to strong winds and heavy rains, power of most of the capital city including Patel Nagar, Dehrakhas, Chaman Vihar, Clementtown, Karagi Chowk, Narayan Vihar, Rajpur Road, GMS Road, Vidya Vihar, Dalanwala, Rajiv Nagar, Nehru Village, Rampur, Jogiwala, Raipur, Chander Road, Drona Vihar, GMS Road, Badripur, Bellghar, EC Road, Karanpur Road, Indira Nagar, Basant Vihar, Transport Nagar, has been interrupted. However, there is no information about any major incident happening during this time. But, after the rainy season, staff teams were mobilized in the repair work under the leadership of the engineers. After hours of effort, the power supply was restored, such as by adding junker to many places. But, in many areas, the supply could not be restored till late in the night. In this regard, UPCL’s Chief Engineer AK Singh said that the rain and thunder have caused electricity loss in several areas. But, after the rain has stopped, repairing of the lines began. All the engineers have been asked to be vigilant in their respective areas.

The phone kept ringing, the employees were missing from the sub-stations
After the power supply was disrupted, while the consumers continued to call the phone to give information to the sub-stations, the employees remained absent from many substations. On a frequent phone call, the staff posted on many sub-stations lifted the phone and placed it next to it. Read more posts…

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