New Feature on Instagram for IOS

Are you an Instagram freak? and likes to keep your followers updated? well here is great news for you all. You can now, not only separate your personal and professional posts on Instagram but also can use all the accounts simultaneously. Yes, the programming(reposting) the posts on your respective accounts is going to get a lot easier now.

A new announcement has been made by Instagram according to which Instagram is introducing a latest updated feature with the help of it you will be able to use more than one account on Instagram simultaneously. No longer have to waste time in opening your accounts one by one and in posting your content. Now you will be able you repost all the content in multiple Instagram accounts without any delay and confusion.

Android users will initially won’t be able to enjoy this program feature, as this is only coming out on INSTAGRAM FOR iOS app at the moment. Though there exists an app with the name Report story for instance which is available for both Android and iOS users this new feature on INSTAGRAM FOR iOS will make it more convenient to manage variety posting on multiple accounts.

In addition to this, while “Repost story for Instagram”  made you report from even other people’s account, on the other hand, this new feature on INSTAGRAM FOR iOS will make you regram or repost your content only in your own personal Instagram accounts.

Making it easy for you to post your videos and pictures on all your accounts at the same time is the sign which tells us that Instagram company is really looking after the welfare of its users and definitely reducing headache for  INSTAGRAM FOR iOS users.

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