New Beticot rules set by the Roadways Management


Roadways Management has tightened the rules to bail out roadways losses and to crack down on corruption. Now in the Beticot case on the bus, if more than three passengers are caught, the FIR will be filed against the operator only, but the action of the termination of the contract and the special class driver-operator will be taken.
Roadways management has also made the operation of the enforcement transparent. Looking at allegations of hostility on the enforcement team, the report of two teams has been made compulsory in the case of non-stop. For instance, the first report of a team was to be operated on the driver and operator, but now the reports of two enforcement teams will be processed. New orders have been issued by managing director Brajesh Kumar Sant.

These are the new rules on the Beticot
1. If the amount of three tickets will be up to 250 rupees, the depot of the operator will be changed and ten times the amount of the rent will be charged. If the amount is more than 250 rupees, all payments of the operator will be seized and he’ll also lose his job.

2. If the passenger has not taken the ticket and the number of such passengers is one, then the enforcement team will collect the fare from that passenger and investigate the operator. After the investigation, the decision will be taken on the operator, but this condition will not be applicable in the Volvo, AC and high-tech buses.

3. If it crosses over three passengers under Beticot, all the dues of the operator will be seized and ten times the penalty will be charged. Also, a case will be filed along with taking away his job.

4. If there are more passengers than the seating capacity and there are three passengers under Beticot, then in such cases, the operator will be subjected for investigation.

5. If the conductor is caught twice in a calendar year, and the number of passengers of both the bars is above three, then he will be fined ten times.

6. Ten times fines will be charged from the operator if 500 kg of goods is caught in the bus without being booked.

7. If the goods exceeding 500 kg is seized without the ticket, the fine of all the driver-cum-operators will be seized ten times the penalty along with the termination of their service.

8. Actions will be taken if after investigating the number of bags are found rigging.

9. If the bus does not stop in checking, the whole earned money of the driver will be seized and the service will be terminated but the action will be on the reports of the two teams.

10. The bus operator’s bill will be cut by ten thousand rupees, if the drivers of the contracted Volvo, AC and ordinary buses do not stop for checking. The contract will be terminated if the same crime is repeated.

11. Instead of a fixed route, the driver will be fined two and a half thousand for running on the route of own, bypass or another route. On getting caught for the second time, five thousand will be fined, the service will be terminated if caught the third time.

12. Failing to reduce the load factor in buses, four times the penalty on the conductor while the fifth time will be the dismissal of the term.

13. Leaving the online booked passengers, if the bus runs before the time, the regular driver-operators will be transferred. Contract of special category driver and operator will be terminated.

Misbehavior will lead to losing a job

Misbehaving with the female passenger in buses, mistreating the enforcement team will lead to seizing all the dues of the service of the accused driver or operator as well as terminated from the job. The same will be done even if the old or invalid ticket is given to the passengers.

Beticot do not make a regular routine

Roadways made strict rules but only for contractual and special category drivers and operators. There is no mention of regular drivers and operators. The question is raised whether the regular operators and drivers do not beticot or do not break the rules. There are many cases in the past, in which regular operators have been caught in 30 to 35 riding bets.


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