NCC teaches discipline and unity’


The NCC unit’s collective and solo drill competition was organized on Friday in the Veer Shahid Kesari, a few popular post-graduate colleges in Dakapaththar. The competition was inaugurated by Dr. KL Bisht.

He said that NCC teaches discipline and unity in life. This gives students a sense of respect towards the army, a sense of pride for the nation. Also, the students who want to go to Army and Para-military forces get the benefit of the NCC Certificate along with basic training of the army. Major SK Bishnoi, NCC Officer of ARV Ink Vikas Nagar, said that NCC connects students with social concerns. He said that every young person should take part in the work of social service. Young people feel social responsibility only through social service.

In the collective category of drill competition, with 61 points, Arjun Company got first, Shivaji Company, second and Maharana Pratap Company got the third position. In the Single Senior Division, Arvind Negi got first, Manish Kumar got second and Harshit Rathore got the third position. Whereas in the Junior Wing, Sapna stood first, Amar Pal, second and Isha stood in third place. During this time, Prabhat Dwivedi, Sub-inspector Satyapal, etc. were present.


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