Nainital: Steps of tourists disturbed due to stubbornly protesting of local people against the Citizenship Amendment Act

Special things
Cancellation of 70-80% booking in Nainital and nearby hotels
A large number of tourists visit Nainital to celebrate Christmas and 31st eve
Tourism business disappointed due to cancellation of booking due to CAA protest

Violent protests in different parts of the country, including UP, against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), are beginning to have an impact on the tourist season of Kumaon. It is believed that in Nainital alone, 70 to 80 percent of the hotel bookings have been canceled by the tourists.

It is known that between 25 December to 31 December every year, a large number of tourists visit the tourist areas of Kumaon to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Tourism business, including Jim Corbett and nearby hotels and resorts in Ramnagar, has lost more than ten crores in four days.

Like every year, from Christmas to 31st Dec this year, in Nainital and its surrounding areas, in addition to various provinces of the country, foreign tourists had made an advance booking in hotels. But in the meanwhile violent protests are taking place in many districts including Kanpur, Meerut, Gorakhpur, Aligarh, Sambhal, Bijnor, Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh against the CAA.

In which more than 16 people have lost their lives, while many have been injured. In the midst of a sudden deteriorating environment in the country, tourists have started canceling bookings. Mahendra Verma, president, and treasurer of the Bhimtal Hotel and Restaurant Association said that 30 to 40 percent of advance bookings in hotels in the Bhimtal region have been canceled so far. There is the same situation in Ramnagar. There are more than a hundred resorts and hotels here, where tourists are also canceling bookings.

Hoteliers in tension
So far, more than 50 percent of advance bookings have been canceled. However, some tourists expect the situation to return to normal before 31st. Such tourists are in touch with the hotel management and they have not yet canceled the booking.
– Dinesh Shah, President Nainital Hotel Association

First, the district administration published the news of implementing Section-144 in Nainital from Christmas to 31st and now no one wants to take the risk of visiting Nainital due to the uproar in the country. 80% of the bookings have been canceled.
– Praveen Sharma, Executive Member Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India

Business worth nearly ten crores
Most of the tourists coming to Nainital from Delhi, Mumbai, etc. come here only through UP by private vehicles, taxis or trains. Currently, many cities in UP are burning. In such a situation, the tourists of these areas do not want to take any risk.
– Vinod Gunwant President Bhimtal Hotel and Restaurant Association

Tourist coming from California, Peter has canceled the booking for nine days. Other tourists are also canceling bookings. Till now, a turnover of about ten crores has been destroyed. The government also lost revenue due to the booking cancellation.
– Hariman, President Hotel Association Ramnagar

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