Nagaland Governor on Ganga Darshan

Nagaland Governor Ganga Darshan

The State President of Garhwal Mahasabha, Dr. Raje Negi welcomed the Nagaland governor PB Acharya who reached pilgrimage under the private programme by visiting the first volume of the National Language Book and Angavastra. He has visited the scenic spots with Ganga Darshan.

Governor Acharya attended Ram Jhula, Lakshmanjula, he also joined the Triveni Ghat Ganga Arti in the evening and blessed the mother Ganga on his visit. Later he and his wife witnessed the Garhwali feature film Bodhega Ganga in the auditorium of Ganga Resorts of the Munichireti Garhwal Vikas Nigam and dinner thereafter.


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