Mussoorie: Complaint to the Lokpal in the Disaster Relief fund scam case


In 2013, a complaint was lodged to the Lokpal while expressing the possibility of a scam in the relief fund sent by the Central Government for the victims of the disaster in Uttarakhand. The complainant has accused the state government and the bureaucrats of the Central and State to suppress the case.

Mussoorie resident Ramesh Jaiswal told that he had feared a crores scam in the relief amount sent from the center for the victims of the disaster. According to the information provided by the RTI sought from the Central and State Government, the central government had given Rs. 9111 crores to the state government for disaster-affected people of the year 2013. While the state government says that it has received only Rs 5727 crores. The Center had given 1934 crores directly to various institutions of the state. The complainant says that the Center does not directly send money to any institute of the state.

The complainant said that the State Government should have a total amount of 5727 and 1934 together making 7661. In which around 1509 million cannot be matched. The complainant said that the state government had to save the balance of nearly Rs 2,700 crore. But the state government is not clear about it. There is a possibility of a scam of around Rs 5-6 thousand crores. Read more posts…


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