Mother wears Uniform to son’s School


If there are passion and determination to do something in the mind then an age cannot be an obstruction in life. It is proved by Rekha, 35, a resident of Tuni’s Sarnad water village. Rekha has two children, his son Sandeep is a student of Ninth class in GIC Tuni.

At this time, daughter, Preity has given her class X examination. Now Rekha also wants to read and write like their children. She wants that she pass the ninth grade. On seeing this, he has been allowed to sit in the class on behalf of the school’s principal Devi Singh Shah.

A private form will be filled for Ninth grade
The school principal said that earlier he considered it a joke, but when his husband Dharm Singh was called to know about this, he also told that Rekha wants to study. After which Rekha has been allowed to sit in the class.

However, she is not admitted to the school yet. Section Education Officer Shul Chand explains that Rekha wants to pass the ninth grade from a private school. Seeing that the school principal has given her permission to sit in the class. Given the age of Rekha, she cannot be given regular admission. She will be provided a Private Form of Ninth grade.


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