More than 40 percent of youth migrated from villages, not pleased with being in it


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Reality emerges in Exodus Commission report
More than 24 thousand posts in panchayats remain vacant

It is also being proved that the youth are not seeing their future in the villages (panchayats) amidst a huge rush of employment in the state. The situation is that 40 percent of the youth from most gram panchayats in the state are considering it better to leave the village panchayats for employment and other matters. This has also come to light from a recent report of the State Exodus Commission.

Voting is to be held in 31 development blocks under the second phase of panchayat elections on October 11 in the state. The first phase was about 70 percent polling. The State Election Commission also felt that there is enthusiasm among voters about the small government, but the youth are not happy to work in the panchayats at the moment. According to the report of the Exodus Commission released in September, about 42 percent of the people in the age group of 25 to 36 are migrating.

About 50 percent of the youth are migrating in search of employment. The surprising thing is that more districts have been found to have more migration than the state on average. In this, the most migration from Haridwar has emerged. It is clear that the youths are not very confident about small government jobs. The vacancy of more than 24 thousand posts in the Panchayat elections is also pointing to this. Experts say that one of the direct reasons for this is the lack of more employment opportunities at the level of Gram Panchayats. The small government has not yet got any of the 29 rights declared in the constitution in the state. In such a situation, employment is not being developed at the local level at the level of the panchayats, nor is there any concrete system for utilizing the efficiency of the youth.

Panchayats will have to teach the first lesson to make them self-sufficient. For this, it is necessary to give powers to the panchayats. The issue will be prominently raised after the panchayat elections. The interest of the youth in panchayats is also a cause for concern. In such a situation, the functionality of panchayats will also be affected.
– Jot Singh Bisht, Convenor, Panchayat Janadhikar Manch

How much migration from village panchayats (between 26 to 35 age group, in percentage)

Uttarkashi 36.56
Chamoli 43.49
Rudraprayag 41.83
Tehri 40.92
Dehradun 34.47
Pauri 41.67
Pithoragarh 42.58
Bageshwar 42.1
Almora 42.22
Champawat 45.49
Nainital 44.47
Udham Singh Nagar 43.34
Haridwar 52.79
Total state average 42.25


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