Monitoring cell to be built in Uttarakhand to stop fake news, social media will keep a close watch

fake news

The Home Department is setting up an expert monitoring cell to monitor information related to Uttarakhand on social media. This cell will monitor every online content related to the government machinery. The main objective of its formation is that misleading information that is viral among the public can be stopped and correct information can be given. The main objective of the cell will be to stop the audio, video and fake news that are tampered with facts.

Apart from the IT experts of the police, people from media and social sector will also be added to the proposed cell. It will be equipped with modern technical facility for monitoring. Apart from WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, information related to the state government and government administration will be monitored on web portals and websites.

As soon as the false facts of the cell are caught, it will be immediately rectified and publicized on social media. It will also be the job of this cell to find out the source of fake information and provide information to the concerned department for appropriate action.


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