MNREGA: Now there will be a way to start your work, the plan will be connected to livelihood


Under the MGNREGA scheme in Uttarakhand, workers will now be able to start their work in addition to wages. This will be possible by connecting MNREGA with a livelihood. The government will spend about Rs 218 crore on this scheme and in the first phase, it is estimated to directly benefit about 30 thousand job card holding families.

In order to bring the rural economy back on track in the midst of the corona epidemic, in the month of April, rapid works were started in the MNREGA within the state. Under this, about five lakh people have joined the state so far and more than 35 thousand works have been started. These works were related to water enrichment, Anganwadi, Panchayat building construction. Till now people used to work and get fixed wages.

This is a new plan

Under the new scheme, the concerned departments will be given money to start their work in MNREGA and the departments will help the person according to their plans. For example, money was given from MNREGA to build a chicken farm.

The concerned department will also provide chickens to that person. In addition, the garden department will help in growing vegetables. It is named the instrument package. Landless and poor people will be given priority in this. It will be tried that the half-yearly income is at least 40 thousand rupees.

Budget will be around 218 crores

The budget of MNREGA in the state at present is about Rs 710 crore. It has been decided to spend 35 percent on livelihood. A proposal to provide a package of 41 thousand for landless families and Rs 99 thousand for other families have been prepared. This means that so many of these families will get the means of livelihood.

The mandate can be issued today

Preparations for implementing this scheme in the state can also be gauged from the fact that on Thursday, CS is preparing to issue its mandate on Friday towards its review.

All departments have been asked to provide maximum funds in the scheme. Departments of agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy, etc. have also been asked to be included in this.
– Utpal Kumar Singh, Chief Secretary


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