Mission 2019: After the defeat, what will the biggest faces of Uttarakhand Congress, Harda do?

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Harish Rawat’s big defeat in Uttarakhand biggest face in Congress politics has surprised everyone. Among the Modi wave, the seat which the BJP was expected to get the highest number of rivals in Uttarakhand, was the Nainital seat.

Because of this, Harish Rawat, the leader of the state, was present in this seat, but all estimations proved wrong. Harish Rawat is currently suffering from the same anguish of defeat, like from the village of Kichha and Haridwar while staying CM in 2017. Along with this, the questions of the seat are being raised once again. Harish Rawat, almost bowing down to the high command, had decided to contest from Nainital instead of Haridwar, but he could not win himself or get a smile on the face of Congress members.

Played the brand new stakes of contesting from two places
In the 2017 Assembly elections, Harish Rawat played the brand new stakes in the elections of Uttarakhand from two places to contest elections. This election happened after the 2016 power struggle, directly linked to Harish Rawat’s reputation. The reason for this was that while having CM post, he had a direct fight with Modi-Shah duo. Rajesh Shukla in the quarters and Haridwar lost the election with relatively new candidates like Yatishwaranand in the village. It was believed that Harish Rawat’s selection of seats was wrong.

Instead, if he contested from Kedarnath or any other seat of the hill, then victory would definitely be his. Now this question is being raised about Nainital Lok Sabha seat. Harish Rawat had earlier prepared for elections in the Haridwar Lok Sabha constituency. It was also believed that Harish Rawat could prove to be a stronger candidate in Haridwar. But on some occasions, Harish Rawat stood for Nainital seat. Considering all the equations, Harish Rawat considered the Nainital seat more favorable for him, but he also got a lot of defeat in the area. Read more posts…


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