Ministers do not have to pay income tax in Uttarakhand, the government pays

You may not believe but it is a hundred percent true that Uttarakhand government ministers, including the Chief Minister, do not have to pay any amount in the form of income tax. Starting from 1981, in undivided Uttar Pradesh, after the formation of a separate state, it has continued in Uttarakhand for the last about 19 years.

Apart from the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly is also getting the benefit of this facility. Uttarakhand was separated from Uttar Pradesh on November 9, 2000, and became the 27th state of the country. Naturally, whatever rules and regulations were present in Uttar Pradesh at that time, Uttarakhand adopted them almost entirely.

One such arrangement is the payment of income tax of the members of the Cabinet, which was started in 1981 during the tenure of the then Chief Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh. Now Uttarakhand is going to be 19 years and this system is maintained in the same way. This is the situation when the ministers are currently getting about 4.40 lakh rupees per month as salary and allowances.

As far as the MLAs are concerned, they get exemption under Section 10 (c) of Income Tax in certain allowances. When contacted, Secretary Vidhan Sabha Jagdish Chand said that this system has been going on since the time of Uttar Pradesh. The government pays the ministers’ income tax.

The Assembly is responsible for the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Leader of the Opposition. Salary and allowances increased only last year. The Uttarakhand government passed the Uttarakhand State Assembly Miscellaneous (Amendment) Bill last year and increased the salary and allowances of legislators and ministers. The salary of MLAs was increased three times and allowances were increased two to six times.

The salary of the MLA was increased from 10 thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees, while the salary of the minister was increased from 45 thousand rupees to 90 thousand rupees. The salary of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker was increased from 54 thousand rupees to 1.10 lakh rupees.

Election allowance of MLAs was increased from 60 thousand rupees to 1.50 lakhs, phone bill was increased from three thousand rupees to 12 thousand rupees, daily allowance for coming to the assembly was increased from two thousand rupees to three thousand rupees and medical two thousand rupees to 12 thousand rupees. Some other allowances were increased from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees.

Thus, the MLAs are getting about 2.75 lakh rupees per month as salary and allowances. There was also a huge increase in salary allowances of ministers. His salary was increased from 45 thousand to 90 thousand and his other allowances as a minister were also increased.

Allowances in different items were increased from 42 thousand to 84 thousand, from 36 thousand rupees to 72 thousand and 30 thousand rupees to 40 thousand rupees. Medical and loan facilities are similar to the legislators. The minister is getting around Rs. 4.40 lakhs as salary and allowances per month.

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